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A UK Income Protection Insurance Website

Accident Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (ASU)

Though there are many different types of income protection insurance, this particular site deals with Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance, or ASU. Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance gives you the peace of mind that your ability to meet your outgoings is protected against redundancy or an inability to work due to disability.

Getting ASU insurance is easy on this site - just take a short time to get a quote, then fill in your details and submit the online application form. You can also download an application to print out post by clicking 'Income protection quotes' on the upper right of this page and following the instructions on that page.

The online application form is protected with Verisign 128bit (SSL) encryption. This means that all your personal details are secure and no third party is able to intercept and read your communications. You can cancel the application at any time by simply closing the application form window. No details will be transfered until you have completed all sections of the form and pressed the Submit button.

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